Ripple International is a strategic research and insights consultancy.

Unique Strategic Insight Partners.

We’re a team of senior-level experts who generate insights to build brand and communications strategies that make a difference. Collectively, we’ve worked for decades in the pharmaceutical and life science industries, with a unique flair for what we do - backed up by years of experience.



Anyone can make observations and turn them into a set of graphs. We work to tease out insights that shift the dial — a process that requires skill and craft. 



Analysing data isn’t enough: it’s how you use it that makes the difference. We apply strategic thinking from the ground up so that every step of every project feeds directly into our client’s goals. 



As a small, dynamic and highly experienced team of senior-level strategic consultants with backgrounds in the pharmaceutical, marketing and technology industries, we offer expertise and flexibility that others can’t match. 



Joined-up thinking as a closely connected team means we see links where others don’t. We’ve got our collective finger on the pulse, seeing the bigger picture as well as the finer details.